i love seeing imperfection.

people’s scars and stretch marks.  their unwanted hair.  their crooked teeth and their stubby fingers.  that extra fat they can never get rid of.

it’s freaking beautiful.  i could stare at them all day.

i know i know.  i have this theory that i was born a TOTAL creep.

but i love seeing people, and the little things they try so desperately try to cloak and camouflage from the rest of the world.

but when they let it go… when they accept it… and wear it…


you know those people that just WEAR their skin?  

i feel like people’s imperfections tell a story.  

the more imperfect, the longer the narrative.

and the more beautiful they really are to me.

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New life goal

to never be able to relate to Adele’s music.


Her voice just rips through you doesn’t it.

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Anonymous said: This tumblr/blog is so fully entertaining. Love you, twinie!!

haha much obliged!  may i find out who my twin is?  

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so i haven’t chewed my nails in months.

and then yesterday, sitting in my political theory class, without even realizing it, i chewed all of them clean off to bleeding point.

something is up.

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the impossible task of cleaning my room.

ive been putting this off for weeks now, and mess has begotten more mess.

and now u can barely see the floor and everything is just in piles that keep getting bigger.

and im trying to wrap my head around the thought of cleaning this thing.

but honestly, every time i walk in the door and even consider getting started, i just wanna lay down and make a clothes angel.

it’s seriously too much.

i need to hire someone.

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like i’ve been saying for years…

kim and reggie foreva.

kris humphries is a giant douchey baby and she had no business marrying him.

err, except the 17 mil she made off their wedding…

oh that’s right.

but you know what?  idgaf.

i enjoyed watching that wedding special.

in fact, i enjoyed looking at pictures of the wedding special before actually seeing the wedding special.

whilst flipping through OK! magazine at the giant eagle checkout.

i enjoyed reading abt their honeymoon while sitting under the dryer at my hair salon.

and i enjoyed reading pages of hilarious tweets surrounding their divorce.

it’s called entertainment.  these people are entertainers.  clowns.  and the purpose of their lives is to successfully entertain ME.

and so far, they’ve been able to keep my attention.  

so im going to give credit where credit is due.

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when you’re muslim,

everything is amplified.  every little gesture.  every look… every touch… every accidental brush.

it makes actions a lot more meaningful, ultimately.  but in the meantime, a lot of angsting occurs over a lot less because you’re sensitive to EVERYTHING.

even the most menial, inadvertent, really-not-a-big-deal-to-most-people things can drive you crazy for days.

it’s quite interesting, really.

as if young adults didn’t already have enough to angst over…

the muslim angst threshold is like, 10 times lower than everyone else’s.  


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How to Get Over Anything.

1.  Prayer.

2.  Doing your homework.

Does not include: sleeping, eating, talking to all your friends about it, relaxing, or any other BS.

The first two bide you time and give you the strength and patience you need, whilst keeping you productive and feeling like you’re still in control of your life.  The others just keep you marinating in your angst.

Now if only one could take one’s own brilliant advice.

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We ask all these questions we know the answers to

 because we lie to ourselves more than anyone else.  But we know why.  We always know why.  The why doesn’t even exist, does it?  It’s just our denial.

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What is wrong with me?

Probably the most universal question in existence.

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